Will re-elected UK PM succeed in completing Brexit? Inside Story

It’s the biggest victory for the Conservative party in decades, in an election that’s been called the UK’s most important vote in a generation.
Boris Johnson’s Conservative party is confirmed with 364 of the 650 seats in parliament.
He says this shows a clear mandate to get Brexit done.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn plans to step down after his party’s worst defeat in more than 80 years since 1935.
Jo Swinson has quit as Liberal Democrat leader after losing her seat to the SNP’s.
The Scottish National Party had a successful night after taking most of the seats in Scotland with 48 seats.
So what’s next?
Johnson has vowed to ‘get Brexit done’ by January 31st but can he get a trade deal with the EU before the end of the transition period in December 2020?

Presenter: Peter Dobbie

Giles Kenningham, founder of Trafalgar Strategy and former director of communications for the UK Conservative Party
Kevin Graig, media adviser and donor to the UK Labour Party
Gemma Loomes, teaching fellow of comparative politics at Keele University

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