Necker Island Full Monty

When my grandmother suggested the family dress smartly and wear bow ties for her 90th birthday, all of her nephews, nieces and grandchildren turned up in bow ties and nothing else! Thankfully, she saw the funny side of it.

Ever since then, it’s been a fun family tradition that whenever we have to wear bow ties, we end up with bow ties on but nothing else!

We decided to do the same for my mum’s 90th birthday on Necker Island recently. After some comical choreography practice, we were ready to go. We got up on the table in our ties, and soon had nothing on but our tails.

Here is a short version of our Full Monty impression — what do you think of our moves? Disclaimer: we accept no responsibility for the acute eye pain you may experience whilst viewing this video.

As we were sure she would, mum thought it was absolutely hilarious. She had a wonderful birthday and was very thankful for everybody’s best wishes.

As a family we like to make people smile and not take ourselves too seriously. I think you can see that here (as well as nearly everything else!)