My passion for the planet

Here is a video celebrating my passion for the planet and explaining why I believe everyone around the world should do all they can to help the environment.

Join us at Ulusaba Private Game Reserve to see the beautiful wildlife in their natural habitat, from rhinos to hippos, leopards to lions. Also take a look at how Necker Island has shaped my vision for a sustainable future, as well as swimming with sharks and visiting the lemurs of Madagascar.

Find out how I became interested in conservation issues, from Student Magazine to the Virgin Earth Challenge, the Carbon War Room to Virgin Unite’s Gaia Rocks.

Virgin is involved in a number of businesses that emit a lot of carbon, which is one of the reasons why we work very hard to balance our books, and try to help others do the same. Find out why I am hopeful that all of our planes will one day run on clean fuels.

We as people are 100% responsible for protecting the species that remain on the earth. I am a born optimist, I think it’s a lot more fun to be an optimist. But we have to make our own optimism. If you are in a position to make a difference, you’ve got to spend every waking hour trying to make a difference.

Are you passionate about our planet? What can we do to save it?

Watch my personal story of Necker Island and our family in this video:

From the past to the future, learn more about the future of Necker in this video.

Enjoy Visions of Necker in this stunning timelapse video:

Meet the wonderful species who share our home in our Animals of Necker Island video: